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MY Portfolio

This is a collection of my work

ServiceIQ Online Platform

In 2015 ServiceIQ decided to move all of their business processes, products and services to a self-service online platform, which is going to be a NZ first for a New Zealand ITO.

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ServiceIQ Showcase App 

This is a Showcase App I designed for ServiceIQ to help staff have instant access to the businesses products, brochures, presentation and documents via iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop computers.

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Industry Apprenticeships identity design

A number of New Zealand ITO’s were looking at creating their own “Industry Approved" Apprenticeships and required an identity for these. The design needed to be modern and bright to draw attention. It also had to have the ability to be easily turned into a badge for apprentices.

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ServiceIQ online Learner Management System design

This is a custom built online LMS that I designed the user expereince and inferace for.

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Stokes Fish Supper logo and menu design

Stokes Fish Supper was created by a couple of lads wanting to create descent kiwi fish and chips with quality ingredients. They requested a logo to reflect this, which had a ocean theme and was clean but also had a bit of an edge to it to reflect their personality.

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BAD clothing

This was something I created with a friend of mine on the side for a few seasons starting back in 2011, to help my creative juices flow and to try designing something other than logos, brochures and books.

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iSupply identity design

CellCity approached me to develop the look and feel of their new sub-brand called iSupply. CellCity is a retail store specializing in iPhone, iPod, iPad and Samsung repairs.

They wanted to branch out and supply the parts as a package for customers to fix their devices themselves, and to do this under a different brand called iSupply, while having a similar clean look and feel to CellCity.

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ServiceIQ corporate brochure design

This is a corporate brochure design I did for ServiceIQ. This brochure would be used to introduce ServiceIQ to potential new large corporate clients.

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Cargo-Unite logo design

Cargo-unite is a company based in Perth Australia that specialises in Portable Quick Release Transportation Systems. Cargo-unite needed a logo design that was simple and had a construction look and feel to it.

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eLearning courses & interactive elements

A large part of my work this year was planning, developing and designing ServiceIQ's eLearning platform, courses and interactive elements. Here is a collection of some of the course pages and different interactive elements.

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ServiceIQ eTAG website

This is a website design I did for ServiceIQ to move their paper based Training agreements online and to help the management of this agreement for both ServiceIQ and their clients.

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