ServiceIQ Showcase A pp

  • Client: ServiceIQ
  • Role: Project Management, Design, Development & Maintenance

Project overview: Showcase is a local Wellington-based business that offers the ability for a business to deploy “showcases” to all staff devices. This means that all staff, for example, Sales staff, have the latest up-to-date brochures and documents instantly. For more information check out their website: Showcase Workshop

ProjectProject management: This was an exciting project to work on as it was a huge step for ServiceIQ’s new “Digital First” approach. Although my role at ServiceIQ is as a Graphic Designer, the business was confident in my abilities and tasked me with the full management of this project from start to finish. This involved running initial scoping meetings with managers to determine what we wanted it to do and how we wanted to do it. Once we had made a starting plan I designed and built one of the sections as a test and did a demo to the group. With a few small tweaks, we then trialed this with a selection of staff out in the “real world” for three weeks and gathered feedback. The feedback from staff was positive and with no changes required. From there I pushed on and designed and built the remaining sections of the showcase. Once completed I ran a number of training sessions with staff across the country, this worked really well with getting all staff on board, and confident in using the App. This project was one of the largest I have worked on with it taking around 5 months from scoping to release. Since releasing it we have had great feedback from staff and have seen reduced printing costs and higher sales and engagement with customers. My hard work on this project was recognised by the business and staff at our mid-year conference by being awarded the “ServiceIQ Excellence award”.

About the design: With the navigational functionality of showcase being quite simple, and the primary use being to present to customers on IPads, the user interface design needed to be very clear and easy to understand for both the user and the customer to follow. To achieve this I designed the buttons quite large with large text and icons. When looking at examples of other business showcases I quickly found it difficult to know how deep into each section I was, so when designing our interface I included a breadcrumb trail along the top of each screen. This made the design and maintenance of the showcase take a bit longer, but I thought this was an important feature to be included for the users. The Showcase App can very easily become navigation heavy, so to help contextualise key sections I used strong large background imagery.


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